work songs

An ongoing collection of interviews with people finding interesting ways to do work they love. 

How do people get those jobs that always sound so amazing? How do they find ways to pursue work they love, even when it seems impossible? What creative ways do people find to move beyond the ordinary 9-5? 

All interviews © Susan Tranter. Know someone I should interview?  Drop me a line

cycling blackbord scribe

‘You need to have a race instinct’: blackboard scribe Hannah Pole

Hanging off the back of a motorbike to let pro cyclists know what’s going on in a race requires physical and mental agility, a strategic cycling brain, and a very calm head.

Great Arsenal.JPG

‘I didn’t imagine I could make money through Instagram’:
photographer ope odueyungbo (@greatarsenal)

The hugely successful London influencer who uses the power of social media to work with some of the biggest brands around.

Nina Baxter garden designer.JPG

‘Building a garden is a lot like being in a play’:
garden designer Nina Baxter

How do you leave behind a successful career in theatre and PR, and reinvent yourself as a plantswoman? Nina Baxter on getting her hands dirty and being her own boss.

Imogen Styles.jpg

‘The only way to get noticed was to do it myself’: 
DJ & club promoter christopher dresden styles

Working late, sleeping late, and fitting creative projects around regular gigs, Christopher Dresden Styles has a portfolio of work centred aroud Manchester’s music scene. With no reputation and little experience though, how did he get started?