stand out:

a common sense guide to creating digital content that gets noticed

Stand Out: a common sense guide to creating digital content that gets noticed

Published by Hot Fix Books
Paperback, full colour
ISBN 978-1-5272-1154-4


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These days, everyone’s creating content.

In fact, so many of us are creating digital content these days that it’s hard to see the wood from the trees. There’s good stuff out there, but it’s drowning in a vast, dreary ocean of mediocrity.

It’s my view that the best way to stand out is to make your stuff better than other people’s. So I put together a book. It isn’t about how to make digital content. It’s about how to make your content better.

So whether you’re…

* a blogger posting about something close to your heart

* a start-up trying to carve out a niche

* the sole person in your organisation with a content production remit, or

* part of a team of multi-channel content creators

…this book will help you create content that keeps your audiences coming back for more.


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What readers have been saying:

'Enjoyed this interesting and informative book. Lots of practical advice and guidance for anyone wanting to improve their social media activity.'
Eamonn, artist

'Practical, well informed and witty, and full of useful advice. Highly recommended.'
Karl, creative director

'Just consumed this bloody brilliant book, cover to cover and couldn’t put it down… an insightful, engaging and awesome read anyone creating digital content of any kind, should read. If you’re studying for a marketing degree, read this above any boring text books! If you work in marketing, read this and vastly improve on what you do! If you don’t work in marketing, but are creating content on a digital or social platform, read this to understand the who, what, where and how to create great content. Easy to read, digest, understand and will get your juices flowing.' 
Kate, freelance marketer and blogger

'From average to awesome, this little book can help you make a big digital impact! A thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring read.'
Sarah, marketing & PR manager


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about the author

I’ve been creating, editing, and thinking about content for over fifteen years. Find out more about me and my work.



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